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There are also contraindications to massage during pregnancy. These include the following:


Early labor/miscarriage threat/placental or cervical dysfunction
Gestational Edema Proteinuria Hypertension (GEPH or Pre-eclampsia)
Gestational Diabetes

Because Massage Therapy is contraindicated for the above complications, it is also contraindicated for women experiencing any of the following symptoms/signs related to the above complications:


Bloody discharge
Continual abdominal pains
Sudden gush of water or leakage of amniotic fluid
Sudden, rapid weight gain
Increased blood pressure
Protein or sugar in urine
Severe back pain that does not subside with changing of position
Systemic edema, “pitting” edema
Visual disturbances
Severe nausea and vomiting
Severe headaches
Excessive hunger and thirst
Increased urination in the second trimester.

There are also additional conditions that contraindicate massage therapy, including any phlebitis, thrombosis or suspected clotting condition, any kidney, liver or spleen compromise, and infections. Local massage on areas with severe varicose veins and swelling are avoided due to clotting risk.

The following high-risk pregnancies must be closely monitored by the physician in order to determine the advisability throughout the pregnancy of general circulatory massage, pressure, and massage position options:

Women under 20 or over 35 Rh or genetic problems
Asthma Liver or renal condition
Previous problem pregnancy Multiple births
Diabetes Heart Disease

These situations must be monitored closely, and if complications arise, general circulatory massage, pressure, and some massage positions may be contraindicated.