Hydration Hookup and wellness infusions

Price: $189​
Replenish your body!
IV fluids and electrolytes for instant hydration
IV fluids, Lactated Ringers
Staying adequately hydrated can be a challenge in our busy lives. Studies show that just a 1% drop in body water can negatively impact mood and cognitive function. We often drink water only when feeling thirsty, which means the body is already in a state of dehydration. Health effects can include:
Muscle aches
Poor concentration
Mood swings
Dry skin

Is IV hydration right for you?
If you are already feeling the effects of dehydration, drinking the required amount of water takes time to consume and to be absorbed from your stomach into your body. IV fluids are delivered directly to your bloodstream, rapidly hydrating your cells and tissues so you feel instantly replenished.
Price: $189​
Add On vitamins $25 and up


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